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Athletic Training Classes... 

Listed below are the classes available for Athletic Training.

PE-19 - Introduction To Care/Prevention Of Activity Related Injuries

3 Units 54 Hours Lecture Degree Applicable, CSU, UC

Instruction, including laboratory experience, in the techniques and procedures for prevention and treatment of activity and sports related injuries. Includes the responsibilities of the athletic trainer, policies and procedures of the athletic training room and the operation of rehabilitative modalities.

PE-92 - Work Experience / Athletic Training

2 Units 160 Hours Lecture May be taken four times for Credit Degree Applicable

Provides Athletic Trainer Aides and physical education students with actual on-the-job experience in an approved worksite related to classroom instruction. A minimum of 75 paid or 60 no-paid clock hours per semester of supervised work is required for each unit of credit. It is recommended that the hours per week be equally distributed throughout the semester. Work experience placement is not guaranteed, but assistance is provided by the Athletic Training Faculty and Staff. Students who repeat this course will improve skills through further instruction and practice.