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Graphic of Montie the Mountain Dog Book
Montie the Mountain Dog.. available in hardcover or paperback

The Autobiography of Mt. SAC’s Official Companion Mascot to Joe Mountie

(Walnut, CA)  Montie, Mt. SAC’s Official Companion Mascot to Joe Mountie, is proud to announce the release of his autobiographical book!  The illustrated children’s book chronicles Montie’s journey from Colorado to becoming the college’s official companion mascot.

The story of Montie the Mountain Dog was created and developed by Montie and his caretakers Mt. SAC Assistant Athletics Director/Men’s Aquatic Head Coach, Marc Ruh and his wife Mt. SAC Professor/Assistant Aquatics Coach, Lani.  With design and illustration help from Studio 13, Mt. SAC’s student run design studio, the book was brought to fruition. 

Both softcover and hardcover editions of Montie the Mountain Dog are available online for purchase (links below).  The softcover edition sells for $16.39 (plus tax, S&H) and the hardcover edition sells for $30.39 (plus tax, S&H).  Sales profits from the book will help support Mountie Athletics and the Mt. SAC Studio 13 Program.

Softcover Book

Hardcover Book

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a great Christmas gift and to help support these two incredible Mt. SAC Programs! 

Bring your book to a Mountie Athletics Home Game to get a free autograph (and sloppy kiss) from Montie.

Book Details

  • Category: Children 
  • Pages:  40
  • ISBN#:  Hardcover 9781715763244 / Softcover 9781715763084
  • Publish Date:  November 05, 2020
  • Language:  English and Woof (dog speak)

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