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Mountie Spotlight

Mountie Spotlight Graphic - Johnny Salcido, Mt. SAC Assistant Football Coach.

Johnny Salcido

Assistant Football Coach, military veteran and former Mountie shares his experiences with Football Student-Athletes

This edition of the Mountie Spotlight features Mt. SAC Assistant Coach Johnny Salcido.  Salcido is in his second season with Mountie Football Program working with the running backs.  Salcido a decorated Army Veteran, first played for the Mounties in 2008 and after serving our country, he returned back to play again in 2011. 

Salcido’s military, collegiate and current work experiences gives him a unique perspective and insights few coaches can bring to their student-athletes. 

Employed full-time as a Union Carpenter, Salcido was on the work crew that formed the foundation for new Hilmer Lodge Stadium, including the parking structure and tennis courts.      

Mt. SAC Division Information Director Brian Yokoyama (BY) spent some time with Salcido (JS) to discuss his unique experiences and the impact these experiences have had on his life and his coaching. 

BY - How did being a part of the Mt. SAC Football Program prepare you for your military service?

JS - Being a Mt. SAC student athlete prepared my body for the rigorous physical demands of military training. Mt. SAC also submerged me into a multi-cultural atmosphere. So I was ready for all the different people I met from around the globe and nothing surprised me.

BY – How much did your military service change your previous thoughts, ideas and views in regards to being a student-athlete?   

JS - I came back with a goal to make the student top priority over the athlete.  I failed almost every class my first time at Mt. SAC.  I did not care about school, I just wanted to play football. My second time around, I made the Dean’s list every full-time semester. I honestly credit that to the new found discipline and focus the Army’s training provided.

BY - What are your thoughts on how your experiences and lessons learned (military, Mt. SAC, Mt. SAC Football, Union Carpenter) impact your coaching and how they benefit your student-athletes?

JS - Motivation, hustle, teamwork and selflessness all encompass me due to past experiences and lessons. I bring this mindset to my coaching which allows my student-athletes to not see me as a dictator; the do as I say type of coach.  I try to be the coach who looks his student-athletes in the eye with the student-athletes fully knowing and trusting that I am making them do what is not only best for them individually, but for the team as well.  This makes them feel a part of the family type atmosphere Mt. SAC provides.

BY - Why did you comeback to coach at Mt. SAC?

JS – After work one day last season, I stopped by to talk with Coach Purcell and met some of the student-athletes who told me they had no running backs coach.  A few players asked me to come out and coach because Coach Purcell had mentioned me to them.  I went home and talked to my wife about this and she said I should give it a try.  A few days later, I asked Coach (Robert) Jastrab (Mt. SAC Head Football Coach) if the team could use any extra help and he replied “yes” and that was that.

BY - Who was your role model that made the biggest impact on you at Mt. SAC?

JSCoach Robert (Bobby) Purcell, hands down. He knew what I was capable of doing on the field. I had a few other coaches saying I wasn’t cut out to play at Mt. SAC any more.  Coach Purcell not only believed in me, but was there after hours to teach me the new position I was going to be playing.

BY - What are your feelings on how it will feel to coach in a stadium (Hilmer Lodge Stadium) you helped build?

JS - When I think about it, I’m honored and still in shock.  I am not the greatest coach in the world.  I work with my hands for a living and I have the greatest honor in the world of coaching the student- athletes where the “World’s best athletes compete!”   In all honesty, I am still lost for words; just thankful and humbled.

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